Partial List of Members & Speakers

1) Example Larger Companies:

  • American Red Cross, Jean Erdtmann, Sr. Dir., Preparedness and Health and Safety Services
  • Aramark, Carrie Williams, Sr. Director of Safety and Risk Management
  • Asplundh, Gil Niedenthal, Director & Corporate Safety Officer
  • Baxter Healthcare, Sharon Kemerer, Corporate Director, Occupational Health & Safety
  • Bechtel, Kevin Berg, Corporate ES&H Manager
  • Chevron, Wes Lohec, VP, Health, Environment & Safety
  • Cox Communications, Elise Fischer, Safety/Risk Manager
  • CSX Transportation, Skip Elliott, VP Public Safety and Environment
  • Del Monte Foods, Dennis Waugh, Corporate Director, Safety and Security
  • Disney, Bret Pfost, Site Leader, World Safety and Accessibility
  • Ford Motor, Steve Kenner, Global Director, Automotive Safety, Sustainability
  • Herman Miller, Deb Lambert, Corporate EHS, Environmental, Health, and Safety
  • J.R. Simplot, Alicia Duke, Safety Director
  • MillerCoors, Jack Moss, Environmental Health Safety and Security Manager
  • Nascar, Jerry Kaproth, Safety Director
  • NBC Universal, Paul Jordan, VP, Production Safety
  • OfficeMax, Michelle Simon, Director, Safety & Health
  • PepsiCo, Ali Golbabai, Safety Manager
  • Purolator Courier, Doug Pinto, National Manager, Trans Safety and Enviro
  • Quaker Foods, Mary Zmuda, Director - Health, Safety, Environment
  • Raytheon, J.A. Rodriguez, Senior Manager, Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Rio Tinto, Elaine King, Global Head of Health Safety and Environment
  • SAP, Bernd Freibott, Director Business Development Sustainability
  • Staples, Keith Barrows, Director, EHS
  • SuperValu, Tracy Venne, Corporate Manager, Safety Integration
  • United Airlines, J.J. DeGiovanni, Managing Director - Corporate Ground Safety
  • United Technologies, Paul Vitello, Director, Sustainability
  • Walmart Stores, Allen Harrison, Safety Manager
  • Weyerhaeuser, Chris Redfearn, Director, Health & Safety, Technical Services
  • Xerox, Steven Drago, Corporate Manager of Health and Safety
2) Small & Medium Sized Companies Seeking Innovation and Competitive Advantages.
  • AbbVie
  • Aegion
  • Aerocare
  • Alva Laval
  • American Woodmark Corporation
  • AMERIND Risk
  • C.R. England
  • Cannistaro
  • Century Contractors
  • EBRD
  • Electrical Safety Authority
  • Enbridge Energy
  • Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
  • Evergreen Industrial Services
  • Exterran
  • Farella Braun + Martel
  • Ferro Corporation
  • FMC Technologies
  • ISS
  • John Deere
  • Jorgensen Forge
  • Kraton Polymers
  • Loram Maintenance of Way
  • Micro Poise Measurement Systems
  • Monogram Food Solutions
  • Montco Offshore
  • MWH Constructors
  • and many more . . .
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          (the above is only a partial list not frequently updated).

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- Larry Quinlan, Deloitte

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- Shirley Weis, Mayo Clinic

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